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I am trained therapist within gestalt method. It is a psychoanalytical tool which focuses on Here and Now techniques. 

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Here is what some of the people I worked with say:


"I have been working with Gabriela over video conferencing. Her intuitive sense and deep way of listening has helped me have some breakthroughs and see areas in which I have been emotionally stuck and resistant to healing. She offers tools for me to practice on my own to deepen my own ability to heal. She is kind and compassionate and non-judgemental and really sees the core issue so we can make fast and gentle progress."

Dawn Bennett


"I've had the pleasure of working with Gabriela over the past year.
Not only was she an empathetic communicator who often relayed my feelings clearer than I could express them, but more importantly, she gave me the tools and gentle pushes to better understand myself at my own pace.
Her skill set is heightened by her experience dealing with the issues most foreigners face when integrating with the culture of their new home. Her advice on that front was also quite valuable to help alleviate lingering feelings".

Bruno T.

“Gabriela is a good therapist with thorough understanding of the challenges that migrants face when entering a new culture. Her true empathy and desire to help gave me the comfort to establish a sincere and open communication from the very beginning. Thanks to her unique method, I was able to address specific issues that I have to tackle as a qualified foreigner in the Norwegian society. She made me aware of the importance of cultural keys, practices and language barriers that can become meaningful skills for a better integration and suitable communication in the host society. In addition, she is an excellent trainer and an eloquent speaker which makes her indispensable in any multicultural environment.”

Runa S.

“She’s very engaged and motivated as a therapist. Because of her humanity, background and a real interest in human beings, it’s easy for her to put herself in other people’s shoes. She’s finding new and positive ways of thinking and loosens up in challenges and brain patterns someone may have got lost in. She sees all of you and encourages you to understand yourself and your own patterns. Together with her, one can find solutions for different thinking and come out of fixed patterns. I can really recommend her as a therapist”.

Lena F.