Norwegian letters: one year of weekly articles about Norwegian culture

"If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it" Toni Morrison 

I guess I am writing about what I wish I would have read about when I moved to Norway. I didn't find any book, and therefore I wrote one myself. You find it here.

Gabriela Sirbu - signaturbilde

What people who receive my Norwegian Letters say:

"Thank you so much for your wonderful letters! I really love to read them and every time looking forward to next one!" Sinem B. Turkey

"Your letters are awesome, and really helpful. Some of the information are quite new to me even though I have been living in Norway for 10 years now.
I appreciate that you take time to share your thoughts and experiences because i know there are many things to be discovered and learnt about Norwegian culture and customs. 
Thank you once again for helping me to understand  better the country i chose to be my home". Simona, Romania

"I have been reading your letters for quite some time now. I enjoy reading them so much that I have started some conversations with you in my head :). Funny, but your writing is very effective. Stimulates a lot of memories and "yes me too!" moments.  I believe what you share here, and even stimulated thoughts on certain things, are helping me a lot in my adaptation process". Melis, Turkey

"Thanks a lot for interesting information!" Julia, Russia

"I am very much enjoying these emails. My mother’s ancestors come from Norway, so I like learning about the culture. I was very fortunate to have been able to travel to Norway a few years ago. The information in some of your emails would have been helpful before I went. Keep it up. I continue to learn" TJ, USA

"Thank you very much for all the info that you have send to me for the last several months! I really appreciate it! I can imagine there is a lot of work to do this and i can only hope that you will have the time and the resources you need to continue writing theese letters." Adriana M. Romania

"... what a pleasure it has been to read your articles on life in Norway. They’ve been really thoughtful and insightful, a nice balance between facts and reflection. I’ve enjoyed it very much.  I’ll definitely be looking out for more!" Sali G., UK

"...I read them regularly. I really like your experience and your thoughts and how you talk about Norway...your work is something amazing in the study of Norwegian culture and mentality." - Vladislav, Romania

"I read every news article you send to me and I really appreciate it.  To me this is a huge help. I know you took your time to put your thoughts in written and the information itself is very guiding." - Leah, Zambia

"I enjoy reading your letters very much! I wish I knew more of that in my first years in Norway. I believe that you are doing a great job by helping immigrants to understand Norwegian culture better!" - Lina, Lithuania

"I appreciate you for your sensitivity in bringing help to others through your work. By the way, I find your website title "migration of emotion" so accurate : indeed, we migrate with luggage ... and baggage." - Sophia, France

"I just wanted to say that I love reading your emails and I am learning so much. Thank you for sharing all this useful information." - Elaine, Malta

"I love reading your letters. It helps me a lot to understand the Norwegian society." - Bella, Spain

"Thank you Gabriela. I love your newsletters. I was looking into Norway and came across your website. I am not planning to move there but I like the way they live and perceive life in general"  - Ana, Croatia

"I just recently discovered you through a Facebook group and I'm loving your content. Can't wait to move there" - Isa, Spain

"Wow so many thanks for the wonderful writing, I found it very interesting and informative. Thank you for your words and for expressing them!!" Iuli, Romania